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Thursday, April 25, 2019

A Brexit Joke

A man is sick and tired of hearing politicians droning on about Brexit, Brexit, Brexit on the news, but achieving nothing, so he decides to go for a walk and have a little retail therapy.

In a small antique shop he picks up an oriental oil lamp, smiles to himself and after a quick look around gives it a furtive rub.


To his astonishment a real live genie appears and says, “You have released me from the prison of the lamp. I will now, as tradition demands, grant you three wishes … BUT … whatever you wish for the 650 MPs in the House of Commons will have the same, but doubled.

The man thinks about this for a while, and then says, “I’d like enough to enjoy the rest of my life – say £10 million”.

There’s flash of light and the Genie says, “Check your account”.

The man checks his phone, and sure enough, his current account now has a balance of £10 million. He is delighted, but the genie says, “Remember, every MP now has your wish doubled – they each have £20 million”.

But the man is happy enough, and moves on to wish two – “Now I can afford it, I’d like a Ferrari”.

Another flash of light and the genie says, “A brand new Ferrari 812 waits you in your garage, BUT every MP now has two Ferraris. What is your third and final wish?”

The man thinks for a while, and then slowly begins to smile …

“I’d like to donate a kidney …”


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