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Sunday, December 21, 2008

If you want to get ahead - get a hat!

One of the greatest advertising slogans of all time, I reckon.

And now it’s your chance to esconce your bonce in the sine qua non of mountain headgear – the Lowe Alpine Mountain Cap. Yes, it’s another Doodlecat competition. We’ve published a picture of a well known spot in Scotland, and named the hills in it, so it’s very easy to find on the map (OS Landranger sheet 40). All you have to do is study the picture and work out where the photographer stood to take the shot.

The picture is in our Gallery and you can go to it by clicking HERE Have fun and good luck. We'll be drawing the winner on Sunday January 4th.

As my TGO walking companion, Alan, has suddenly found himself up to his ears in work lately, I will be burning the Christmas candles late into the night as I try to nail a route together. I rather suspect that I'm not the only one looking for inspiration, judging by the recent surge of interest in the TGO pages. Well, there's another crossing account for you TGO aficionados, going way back to the early years - Peter Goddard's 1984 Challenge.

Whilst on the subject of trail diaries and the like, chapter five (January) of Mike Knipe's Howgill Diaries will be published here sometime on New Year's day... (can't say exactly when, on account of New Year's Eve) ... anyway, Mike has thirteen monthly walks in the Howgills and a new one is published each month. Well worth a look as not only are outdoors and walking subjects covered, but bananas, personal relationships, giving up smoking and lots of other life enhancing stuff.

Well, that's just about it from me for another year. The wine has arrived, presents have been delivered, mother has been kidnapped by my sister for the duration, and Miss W has succumbed to 'Yuletide Lassitude'. Peace reigns at Elpus Hall.

I hope you've enjoyed Doodlecat throughout 2008, and it only remains for me to wish everyone a happy Christmas, and all the very best for the New Year.


Phil (aka Lord Elpus).


Blogger Alan Sloman said...

Thanks Phil

Could you make sure there are enough pubs on this year's route? There were precious few last year!

Love to Miss Whiplash


December 21, 2008 at 8:35 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

A priority, Al.

Mind you, there seems to be a lot of white paper covered with those alarming brown squiggly lines ... and none of the reassuring blue 'tankard' symbols.

I think we may have to be like camels, and drink deep at the oases!

December 21, 2008 at 9:01 PM  

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